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Suelos para la Seguridad Alimentaria y el Clima

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Los recursos de la Iniciativa

En esta sección encontrará los recursos (diversos documentos, informes, videos, etc.) publicados por la Iniciativa «4 por 1000» y sus Socios.

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«The shortest path: Accelerating investment towards carbon-neutral agrifood systems» – 2021 – FAO/ N.Santos, J.Monzini, E.Pedersen & E.Borgomeo

Nuno Santos, Jacopo Monzini, Eva Pedersen & Edoardo Borgomeo - FAO and European Bank for Reconstruction & ...

«The technological and economic prospects for CO2 utilization and removal» – 2019 – C.Hepburn, E.Adlen, J.Beddington & al

Cameron Hepburn, Ella Adlen, John Beddington, Emily A. Carter, Sabine Fuss, Niall Mac Dowell, Jan C. Minx, Pete Smith & Charlotte K. Williams. The capture and use of carbon dioxide to create valuable products might lower the net costs of reducing emissions or removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Here we review ten pathways for the utilization of carbon dioxide.

«The Unseen Effects of Deforestation: Biophysical Effects on Climate» – 2022 – Deborah Lawrence & al.

Deborah Lawrence, Michael Coe, Wayne Walker, Louis Verchot and Karen Vandecar in Frontiers in Forests and Global ...

«The White /Wiphala paper on Indigenous Peoples Food Systems» – 2021 – FAO

«To till or not to till in a temperate ecosystem? Implications for climate change mitigation» – 2021 – H.V.Cooper & al

Auteurs : H V Cooper, S Sjögersten, R M Lark and S J Mooney in IOPScience "Environmental Research Letters" Vol.16 ...

«Vers de terre : le royaume des ténèbres livre ses premiers secrets» – 2020 – Science & Vie

Science & Vie - janvier 2020

«Win-win strategies for climate and food security» – 2017 – International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Climate policies that target agriculture and forests could lead to increased food prices, but reducing deforestation and increasing soil carbon sequestration in agriculture could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while avoiding risk to food security, according to new research published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.