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Les Sols pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et le Climat

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Les ressources de l'Initiative

Retrouvez dans cette rubrique les ressources (documents divers, rapports, vidéos, etc…) publiées par l’Initiative « 4 pour 1000 » et ses Partenaires.

“How to fight desertification and reverse climate change” – 2013 – Allan Savory on TED

A Ted talk by Allan Savory on grazing to avoid desertification of land TED2013, February 2013 - Transcripts ...

“Analyzing the greenhouse gas impact potential of smallholder development actions across a global food security program” – 2018 – Uwe Grewer & al

Uwe Grewer, Julie Nash, Noel Gurwick, Louis Bockel, Gillian Galford, Meryl Richards, Ciniro Costa Junior, Julianna ...

Animated videos to communicate the importance of Soil Health – 2018 – Sustainable Food Lab

Sustainable Food Lab with Graphic Harvest - June, 2018

“Applying volcanic ash to croplands – The untapped natural solution” – 2021 – B.Minasny, D.Fiantis, K.Hairiah & M.Van Noordwijk

Authors : Budiman Minasny, Dian Fiantis, Kurniatun Hairiah, MeineVan Noordwijk in Elsevier, Soil Security - Volume ...

“Assessing “4 per 1000” soil organic carbon storage rates under Mediterranean climate: a comprehensive data analysis” – 2019 – R.Francaviglia, C.Di Bene, R.Farina & al

Rosa Francaviglia, Claudia Di Bene, Roberta Farina, Luca Salvati & José Luis Vicente-Vicente in Springer ...

“Atmosphere–soil carbon transfer as a function of soil depth” – 2018 – J.Balesdent, I.Basile-Doelsch, J.Chadoeuf & al

Jérôme Balesdent, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch, Joël Chadoeuf, Sophie Cornu, Delphine Derrien, Zuzana Fekiacova & ...

“Barriers and Strategies to Boost Soil Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture” – 2020 – J.Demenois, E.Torquebiau, M.H.Arnoult & al

Julien Demenois, Emmanuel Torquebiau, Matthieu H. Arnoult, Thomas Eglin, Dominique Masse, Mohamed Habibou Assouma, ...

“Healthy Soils to Cool The Planet” – 2019 – Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions

This guide focuses on philanthropic and investment opportunities to promote healthy soils and soil carbon ...

Cahier spécial Viti-viniculture – Juillet 2022

“Can Dirt Save the Earth?” – 2018 – New York Times

Moises Velasquez-Manoff, New York Times magazine, April 18, 2018

“Can N2O emissions offset the benefits from soil organic carbon storage?” – 2020 – B.Guenet, B.Gabrielle, C.Chenu, D.Arrouays & al

Bertrand Guenet, Benoit Gabrielle, Claire Chenu, Dominique Arrouays, Jérôme Balesdent, Martial Bernoux, Elisa ...
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