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2019: 4th World Congress on Agroforestry – May 20 – 22, 2019 – Montpellier

Organized by Cirad and Inra, the 4th congress follows earlier World Congresses on Agroforestry in Orlando in 2004, Nairobi in 2009  and New Delhi in 2014. The Congress’ theme was « Agroforestry – Strengthening links between science, society and policy« . 1200 scientists, farmers, policy makers and diverse agroforestry practitioners made of the world congress of agroforestry an intense, lively and stimulating event.

Claire Chenu, a STC member, presented a communication on « High organic inputs explain shallow and deep SOC storage in a long-term agroforestry system » at the session « Mitigating climate change with agroforestry ». Other sessions covered topics meaningful for the 4p1000 initiative: agroforestry and adaptation to climate change, agroforestry adoption…Several meta-analyses of the carbon sequestration in soils in agroforestry systems were presented and new coefficients accounting for this sequestration that have been adopted by IPCC.

Conference website: https://agroforestry2019.cirad.fr